The Day The Mules Went Crazy
by Jim Foreman

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btn_1.gif (1461 bytes) Life in a Small Town
btn_2.gif (1473 bytes) The Day the Mules Went Crazy
btn_3.gif (1463 bytes) Clyde the Oil Sniffing Dog
btn_4.gif (1461 bytes) The Last Buffalo
btn_5.gif (1458 bytes) The Day the Twister Came to Town
btn_6.gif (1460 bytes) Crazy Walter
btn_7.gif (1450 bytes) Everything That I Didn't Know About Sex
btn_8.gif (1463 bytes) Lawyer Tate and the Monkey
btn_9.gif (1456 bytes) The Great Hunting Trip
btn_10.gif (1468 bytes) Uncle George
btn_11.gif (1463 bytes) The Airplane
btn_12.gif (1459 bytes) The Great Spy Hunt
btn_13.gif (1466 bytes) The Filpot Family
btn_14.gif (1466 bytes) Poaching Ducks for Fun and Profit
btn_15.gif (1461 bytes) The Cow That Went to School
btn_16.gif (1468 bytes) The Time We Found the Dead Man
btn_17.gif (1456 bytes) The Revenge of Old Three Toes
btn_18.gif (1468 bytes) Cowboys
btn_19.gif (1466 bytes) Boys and Fires Go Together Like Boys and Fires
btn_20.gif (1469 bytes) Slick and Bubba
btn_21.gif (1461 bytes) The Wild Man of Poker Flats
btn_22.gif (1465 bytes) Strap on Your Pistols and Let's Go Feed the Cows
btn_23.gif (1466 bytes) The Hat
btn_24.gif (1463 bytes) The First Baptist Church
btn_25.gif (1464 bytes) Get Rich Raising Laboratory Mice
btn_26.gif (1469 bytes) The Graduation