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by Jim Foreman


The elections were held and as Joe had predicted, both Lloyd and Warren were elected. A few words to the right people by Joe had helped both of them considerably. The newspapers carried big headlines announcing that for the first time in the history of Texas, a father and son would be serving in Austin. The event even drew reporters from the big newspapers back east.

"Well, now that the Brewsters are both safely elected," Joe told Roger. "It's time for us to render them politically impotent. Go down the hall, wake up Charity and Crissy and as them to come see me."

"Are you into seeing prostitutes two at a time now?" asked Robert with a sly grin.

"Not really, I just have a little job for them."

Charity and Crissy had been living at the Elkins Hotel for some time and were known to entertain men in the rooms for fifteen minutes at a time, but they never caused any problems and always paid their rent on time.

Roger closed the door as they entered, glancing nervously at one another.

"Have a seat ladies," said Joe, motioning them to the couch against the wall.

"You wanted to see us, Mr. Armitage?" asked Crissy in a guarded voice. "Is there a problem of some sort?"

"Not at all. In fact, I have a little job that only ladies with your special talents could do. I'd like for you to move your business to the Amarillo Hotel for a few weeks. Keep your rooms here and I'll pay your rent while you are living there."

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