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amarillo_cover.jpg (7947 bytes) Amarillo is a story about the epic struggle between the ranchers who came to the Texas Panhandle to run cattle on the open range, the homesteaders who staked their claims to the free land and the men of vision who followed to build cities. While their rivalry was often steeped in political deals, power plays and gunfire, it also resulted in better and stronger cities than would have been possible otherwise.  

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The thirteen chapters of this book are the lesson plans for a course that I taught in a college writing course. Each chapter represents a week's lesson and lecture.  

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Read how an interest in antique and classic aircraft and a car accident resulted in Jim's first book.

Note: The text of this book is not contained here, but rather the story of how it came to be. This book is not a "story", but rather a listing of antique and classic aircraft.

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new cookbook cover This cookbook (formerly titled Armadillo Pie) was written during my RV days, and the recipes were developed for the RV style of living, but they are just as easy to prepare and tasty whether whipped up in the kitchen of an RV, on a camp stove next to your tent, or on the range in your kitchen at home. PDF Format

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In a fit of pique, King Charles III ordered the expulsion of the Jesuit order from all Spanish colonies in 1767. The Jesuit priests of Baja California supposedly sought sanctuary at the secret Mission at Santa Ysabel to wait for a rescue ship to anchor nearby in Bahia Gonzaga on the Sea of Cortez.

But, did this mission even exist? And did the priests bring any gold and valuables to be spirited out of the country? Many have sought this mission over the years, but none have been successful, until an aerospace attorney, Brad Carson, and a college professor, Jack Hamby, were sold a treasure map in an Ensenada bar and decided to go on the hunt for it.

Access to the most likely location for the Mission was denied them by a professional wrestler, now drug kingpin, named Montezuma's Revenge, who was using unmanned Hunter air vehicles to deliver loads of cocaine into the States.

Along the way you'll meet Captain Escareno of the Federales and a pair of DEA rascals; watch Jack and ' Brad find love with the busty Debbie Starr and simmering Janet Guthrie.  
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How the book came about
I got a job of delivering a restored Piper Cub from Colorado to Wisconsin and decided to make it an adventure by doing the flight the way I would have when the Cub was new in 1946. The yellow Cub carried me much further into the adventure than I wanted or expected which made me wonder if it actually happened or if it was simply a very bad dream.

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This is a tale along the same vein as "Bridge of San Luis Rey" where strange circumstances bring a group of totally diverse strangers together at a particular point in time. It was at a party on the beach at the tip of Baja where the idea of this book was born. Los Cabos cover

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Short movie about the book
Every war has to have one really oddball, off the wall unit that few knew about and nobody remembers. I was in the one for Korea, it was called SCARWAF (Special Category Army Reassigned With the Air Force) In other words, it was a small group of soldiers transferred to the Air Force to build runways in Korea. It was organized in 1950 and disbanded in 1955. Barely any records exist of it. I started out to write a history of the unit but could find no records so turned it into a novel about five or six of us who were drafted and remained together and the wild, crazy things that soldiers do. If you enjoyed M*A*S*H, you will probably appreciate the humor in SCARWAF.
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The Day The Mules Went Crazy is a collection of short stories about growing up on a small ranch in the Panhandle of Texas. They are about the things that boys do to get into trouble or how they try to get out once they are in. It's also stories about life in the small town where I grew up and the strange characters found there. Some of these stories have been published as magazine articles while others have never seen the light of print. mules_cover.jpg (14929 bytes)


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