A Few of Jim's Favorite Photos

This is a poster that I sold through the bookstore at Black Forest Gliderport. The final 200 copies were donated to the US Soaring Team to hand out as one of the US souvenirs at the World Soaring Championships in France in 1982. The team manager said they were one of the most sought-after items and he could have given out several hundred more.

There's a rather amusing story behind the photo. I asked a fellow soaring pilot to be the model for the photo and we scheduled the shoot after the gliderport had closed. In setting up the shot, I could see the tennis shorts he was wearing so I told him to pull them off. I could still see his underwear through the opening in the back of the coat so I had him pull them off too.

I did a bit of burning in to darken the area under the coat to make it less obvious. When I finished shooting what I needed, he said he wanted one shot from the front. After I processed the film, I gave him the negative and two prints of his frontal shot and told him that he had everything and if I ever saw it again, it would be his fault. His fee for being a model was a bottle of scotch.

There was a guy staying in the bunkroom in the clubhouse and had evidently been watching us. Next morning he told the office manager that she would not believe the things that went on after they closed.