Superman Won't Eat Mountain Oysters

We had a number of notable people come to Black Forest Gliderport during the years that I was there; Neil Armstrong, Buz Aldren, Tom Stafford and several other astronauts dropped by. Larry Linville (Major Burns on M.A.S.H.) Susan Oliver and William Conrad flew there along with Hugh Downs and John Denver. Christopher Reeve and his director came to Black Forest after finishing shooting one of the Superman films. The director was British and also a soaring pilot. BTW, Christopher Reeve got his altitude diamond in a glider by flying it to over 30,000 feet in the Pikes Peak wave.

One day we took Reeve and the director to the Black Forest Inn for lunch. Now, even though it's called an Inn, it has no rooms for rent and is mostly a local bar with a kitchen that puts out the greasy spoon variety of food. About the nicest description of the place would be rustic. Since it's the only place to eat without driving eight or ten miles into Colorado Springs, it has a fairly brisk lunch business.

When we arrived there were four horses tied to the railing that kept cars from hitting the gas meter located between the front of the building and the parking area. Since the trees that form Black Forest is just a five-mile wide strip bordered on either side by ranches; seeing real, working cowboys there was not unusual. The four cowboys were the working ranch variety and not the kind you see wearing gaudy Mo Betta shirts at rodeos. They had beat-up hats, dirty boots, leather chaps and one was carrying a pistol, which had probably never killed anything more vicious than a coyote or snake.

They were leaving at about the same time as we arrived and after they had ridden away, the British director told us he was impressed that we would hire "extras" to be there for his benefit. We told him that we had nothing to do with them being there and that they were real, working cowboys who had come for lunch.

The Black Forest Inn doesn't have menus as such but lists a few daily specials on a chalkboard. There were the usual things like hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken fired steak and a notation, "Mountain Oysters Today". The director noticed that and asked, "Are there ponds here where they raise oysters?"

Naomi, the office manager who was somewhat outspoken and right to the point, said, "Those aren't the kind of oysters you think, they come from cattle."

The director couldn't understand how they got oysters from cows so Naomi finally told him, "They are breaded and deep fried bull nuts."

The director replied, "I can accept that those were real cowboys and one of them was carrying a real gun but there is no way you can ever convince me that people actually eat bull testicles."

We told the waitress that neither of them had ever eaten Mountain Oysters and would she bring them samples. She agreed but by the time the two golden nuggets appeared, there was no way that Reeve or the director would consider taking a bite of them. Superman may leap tall buildings and stop speeding locomotives, but no way was he going to eat Mountain Oysters.

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